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The purpose of a safety rail is to ensure safety whilst climbing the ladder and working on the roof. Orima’s safety rail has an improved design, which is secure and easy to use. 

One rail for vertical and horizontal applications. 

Safety Rails

Orima Safety Rail


Orima® Safety Rail can be installed vertically on a wall ladder to provide fall protection. The traveller is a vertical fall arrester, which glides smoothly whilst ascending or descending, but will arrest a fall by catching on to the rail.

A wall ladder with a total height of more than 8 metres must be equipped with a safety rail or ladder cage
(The National Building Code of Finland F2). 

Specifications of use:

  • Weight of user with equipment: 40–160 kg
  • No. of users per fall arrester: 1 person
  • Distance between users: min. 6 metres
  • Min. operating temperature: -25°C

Orima® Vertical Rail system has been tested and certified to comply with the latest EN 353:2014 standard

The new standard means additional safety for users: the fall arrester belongs to the most stringently tested CE-marking category of personal protective equipment that provides protection from serious dangers. Compared to the testing requirements of previous standards, the system has been subjected to many more safety tests. Ascending to a roof and descending from there is now safer than ever.

Orima nousutarrain


Attach the ring of the vertical fall arrester directly to the harness. The vertical fall arrester is a directional traveller: always attach it to the safety rail with the arrow pointing upwards. 

  • Follows the user, no leaning backwards required for the device to glide along
  • Reduces the fall impact 
  • No need to use separate fabric-based impact absorbers
  • CE marked
Orima nousukisko



Orima® Safety Rail can be installed horizontally and used with a horizontal gliding traveller. 

A horizontal rail is used on roof walkways to ensure safety whilst working on sloped and slippery surfaces and to prevent falling. 

A roof must be equipped with a safety rail or other fall arresting safety device if the height of the building exceeds 9 metres or if the building has more than two floors and the slope of the roof is 33 degrees (approximately 1:1.5) or more
(The National Building Code of Finland F2).

Specifications of use:

  • Weight of user with equipment: max. 120 kg
  • No. of users per horizontal traveller: 1 person
  • Distance between users: min. 3 metres
  • Min. operating temperature: -25°C 

Orima® Horizontal Rail system has been tested and certified to comply with the EN 795:2012 standard. 

On slippery metal roofs, or if maintenance work is performed frequently on the roof, it is recommended to install a safety rail also for lower buildings.

The horizontal rail can install on

  • Orima® Roof walkway, Class 2 (C2, EN 516)
  • to the wall
  • directly to the seam roof by means of Orima® roof mounts (C2, EN 516). 
Orima vaakavaunu


The hook in the safety rope is attached to the fastening ring in the horizontal traveller. 

  • Glides smoothly, thanks to three pairs of wheels
  • A large attachment ring for the safety rope hook
  • Can be stored outdoors
  • Material: INOX
Orima vaakakisko




Orima® Safety Rail can be used either vertically (attached to a wall ladder) or horizontally (mounted on a roof walkway, wall or roof mounts). The safety rail is painted in the same colour as the rest of the system, such as the ladder or roof walkway. 


  • One rail for both vertical and horizontal applications
  • A lightweight yet strong rail
  • Made from structural steel


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