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Fixed wall ladders provide access to the roof, and the standards for their specifications are defined in the building regulations. Safe routes are needed when access to the roof is required. The optimal location for a wall ladder is at the end of the building, where it will not be put under pressure from the load of snow on the roof. All of Orima's fixed wall ladders and roof ladders are produced in Finland.


Wall-and roof ladders


Orima's modular ladder system comprises six ladder modules of different lengths. Through a combination of these modules, any ladder length in 30 cm increments can be achieved. All modular ladders are finished with a corrosion-resistant powder coating. The standard colours of the ladders are white, brown, black, grey, and red. Ladders are produced in other colours by order. Authorised Orima retailers offer a guaranteed installation service. Alternatively, installation can be carried out by the customer, with the aid of our easy-to-follow instructions.

Orima fixed ladder systems include:

  • wall ladders
  • emergency ladders
  • roof ladders

Proven safety

The modular ladders are non-welded and made with hot-dip galvanised 25 × 45 mm oval pipe. The rungs are made with round pipe (diameter: 25 mm) and fixed through the stiles for maximal rigidity and safety. All ladders have been static weight tested to 260 kg under operating conditions, in tests focusing especially on the fittings that fix the stiles of the vertical ladder to the wall. These fittings in particular distinguish Orima ladders from other, similar products on the market.

Orima's modular ladder components


Access to the roof is easy and safe when the wall ladder is strong and compliant with the latest regulations. After installation, the top rung of the wall ladder has to be aligned with the edge of the eaves or other access platform, to an accuracy of 100 mm. The bottom rung must be approximately 1,000–1,200 mm from the ground. The top module should be fixed as close to the eaves as possible, ideally with the top rung level with the eaves.

  • When long stiles measuring 600 mm or more are used, they have to be anchored to the eaves structure. The distance of the ladder from the wall is 200–1,500 mm and can be chosen in increments of 100 mm. Because the ladder is always fixed to the wall structure, the locations for the fittings must be determined during construction.
  • Fixed wall ladders with a height of 8 m or more have to be equipped with back‑guard stays or back-guard hoops.


In an emergency, windows may have to be used as an exit route, and emergency ladders are especially necessary for upper floors' windows to ensure a safe exit. According to Part F2 of the Finnish building regulations, fixed emergency ladders are required for residential buildings if the windows of the occupied rooms are 3,500 mm or more from the ground. However, it is also advisable to install emergency ladders under windows lower on the wall, so that also small children can exit safely in an emergency.
Orima's ladder modules can be used to construct a robust emergency ladder by means of fittings designed and produced specifically for this use. Access rails can be installed under the window to make accessing the ladder easier.


Orima fixed roof ladders

The access path from the wall ladder or roof hatch to the chimney or vents has to be safe to use for repairs and maintenance all year round. Orima ladder modules can be used to construct a safe and rugged roof ladder that is easy to fix to the roof structure with specially made fittings. The roof ladder must always be attached permanently to the roof.

Kattorappu_ilman_kattoa_2.jpgThe wide, adjustable rungs make Orima roof ladders easy and comfortable to use. Their roughened rungs provide effective traction even in difficult weather conditions. Roof ladders are best suited to gently sloping roofs (8–25°) but can be installed on roofs with gradients of up to 45°. The roof ladder can be installed on stays (stand-offs) for more comfortable use.

Kattotikas_ilman_kattoa.jpgOrima roof ladder is robust and safe path to steep roofs, thanks to manufacturing without welding. Ladder with tube steps is best for gradients over 25 degrees. The ladder lies stably on the roofing with its full length, thus straining the roof as little as possible.

img_kattoaskel.jpgRoof treads for tiled roofs are suitable for concrete tile roofs especially when only a few rungs are needed. Their light structure guarantees that the treads blend in with the colour of the roof tiles, especially if they are powder-coated to the same colour. The roof treads are easy to attach to the ribs of the tiles even after construction.

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